EQUNI - EQ for anti-discrimination - Erasmus+ co-funded by EU project.

EQUNI team in Toulouse

EQUNI team in Toulouse

The event was a significant step forward in the pursuit of international collaboration to tackle discrimination in the academic world and promote equality at European universities.

The meeting brought together representatives from all diverse institutions involved in the project, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas. The discussions centered around achievements to date, lessons learned from the survey on discrimination held in partner universities and the next steps in the collaborative journey of the consortium.

The highlight of the programme was the conceptual work on an EQUNI board game. This educational tool will help shape the player's emotional intelligence, raise awareness of the phenomenon of discrimination and foster empathy towards the needs of others.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all EQUNI partners – Lodz University of Technology (Poland), University of Algarve (Portugal), University of Groningen (Netherlands), SumFuo (France) and Team Coaching (Poland).